Workshops – English Improvement / IELTS / PTE

Workshops – English Improvement/ IELTS/PTE

Workshop’s Topics

  1. How to construct simple, compound and complex sentences in English
  2. How to convert positive sentences to Negative and Interrogative Sentences
  3. Rules to s/es/ies to verbs
  4. Parts of a powerful paragraph, and how to write one.
  5. How to decide which tense to use to express an idea
  6. Parts of a paragraph
  7. 10 parts grammar checklist for IELTS/TOEFL, and PTE
  8. 4 square + 3 + T method of writing a powerful paragraph
  9. Rules to write conditional sentences
  10. Uses of various tenses
  11. What do examiners check during writing and speaking test
  12. Scanning and Skimming method for reading section
  13. Rules to write better English
  14. Phrases for linking and introducing an idea during writing and speaking test
  15. Important suggestions for IELTS speaking test
  16. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL; which test you should take?
  17. How to overcome the fear of English
  18. Types of Writing Tasks in IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE
  19. How to practice speaking at home
  20. How to plan writing tasks (20:60:20 formula)
  21. Powerful Email writing skills
  22. How to write a good paragraph or Essay
  23. Common mistakes in using English
  24. Importance and use of punctuation marks
  25. Use of Capital letters
  26. How to develop a powerful vocabulary
  27. Common bloopers in the use of everyday English
  28. Some common mistakes in the use of English
  29. Structure of sentences in various tenses.

Note- Rs. 200/- each workshop or Rs. 1500/- for all the workshops for the rest of the month.

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