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Workshop’s Topics

  1. 10 Elements of Good Personality
  2. You are being watched all the time. How to leave a good impression all the time
  3. Power of Introverts
  4. Power of Words (Say it Right the First time)
  5. Language of Champions
  6. Powerful Interview Techniques ( Selection is a process of Rejection)
  7. Art of writing a powerful resume
  8. Group Discussions, Do’s and Don’ts
  9. 7 Steps to Success
  10. Why we fail
  11. Power of Your Body Language
  12. Language of Integrity
  13. Importance of Powerful Communication Skills
  14. Do your SWOT Analysis
  15. Elements of Business Etiquette
  16. How to develop strong leadership skills
  17. Powerful Team Building Skills
  18. Success Skills for 21st Century
  19. How to build instant rapport
  20. How to improve the impact of your communication
  21. 6 Pillars of Character
  22. How to develop a positive attitude
  23. 15 Habits of valuable employees
  24. Four Universal Laws of Success
  25. Art of Powerful Public Speaking
  26. Powerful Workplace Habits
  27. Powerful Team Building Skills
  28. Shut up and Listen – How to develop powerful listening skills
  29. Art of powerful interpersonal skills

Note: Free in the month of May-2020

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