Google Adwords

Google Adwords Training
  • Instructor: Megha Garg
  • Lectures: 3
  • Duration: 15 days

Google AdWords Course Gandhinagar by Skills nurture. There is a facility in Google by which you can buy a set of keywords and can use them to create Google Ads. If people use those keywords in the Search Engine box, they can see your ads in the Search Engine Result pages. These keywords are known as Google AdWords.

People will click your ads on Google, and you have to pay for each click. This system is known as Pay-Per-Click.

You need to bid to buy Google AdWords. It is evident that the most popular keywords will touch higher prices in the bidding process. If you buy unpopular keywords at low prices, then Google may show only ads without highlighting the keywords or may not put your ads in top positions of Search Engine Result pages. Also, keep in mind that Google may not show your ads if the ad contents are not unique or the write-ups are of bad quality. In that case, it will not matter even if you have bought popular keywords with high prices.

You need to visit the website and create your Google AdWords account. Then following various processes, you can bid for keywords and can create ads.

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