Amazing Ways to Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The world’s population today is over 7 billion. 2.14 billion of these people will be

online buyers by 2021 from about1.66 billion in 2016. Many of these online buyers can become your customers.

However, how to find and reach your target audience without spending too much time, money, and other resources. How do you ensure that your website visitors will become good leads and will eventually become your customers?

Marketing professionals know that increasing sales and maximizing profits call for smart marketing strategies. Following are 10 amazing tips to help you increase sales using digital marketing:

1. Educate your customers.

Educating your potential customer is one of the most effective methods that you can use to increase your product’s visibility. This gives you a chance to showcase your skills, expertise, and knowledge while offering something of value to your customers.

Educating your customers helps create a more powerful and trustworthy engagement with them. And more so because what you are essentially doing is not selling but rather investing in their interests. This also has an effect of establishing your company as a reliable and expert source as well as exhibiting a commitment to your customers and prospects.

There are several ways you can use to help you educate your audience such as blogging, creating interesting articles on your social media platforms, producing video segments, and publishing eBooks.

2. Create a Youtube Video of Your Product

Although people will read your user guides and product descriptions, many would confess the whole reading as tiresome and boring. This is because, in product guides and descriptions, there is a lot of ambiguity and lack of tangibility about the product.

Brands, however, can turn the tables by creating short videos of their products in action and upload them on their Youtube accounts. Then generate links of the same and share them in their blog posts, emails, and on their social media platforms.

3. Social Media Promotions

Please understand that social media marketing goes hand in hand with discount coupons and promotions. In the digital world, it’s your job to turn the attention of your targeted audience to your products and promotions work pretty well.

Offer discounts on your products and ask your online visitors to like and share the information with their friends, relatives or on their social media channels. You could also run contests offering your customers something exciting after purchasing your products and services.

4. Target

Target in social media is the ability to display content and posts to a specific audience that you want to choose.

Targeting helps you reach your targeted followers on digital platforms with powerful and relevant content or message.

Social networks provide brands with that helps you gather plenty of consumer data. This data informs companies about their customer’s needs and preferences and guides them to make their social media marketing strategies. Once you have clear data about your audience, you will be able to create contents only for intended for certain demography.

5. Build Customer Relationships

The rule of the thumb for marketers is to always remember that their customers are actual people and not robots. Hence, we need brands to find ways to build relationships with their customers for their loyalty. This means engaging with them on a personal level.

Start by replying to their comments on social platforms. If someone leaves a question on your social site, give them a reply. Ask them what they think about your product and how you can improve or serve them better. In the end, the engagement will help you understand your consumer’s needs in a better way and at the same time build a relationship with them.

6. Public Relations

Public relations might be different from social media marketing, but both have a similar goal; to increase brand visibility and awareness. When you launch a new product in the market, or you are looking to hire, make charitable contributions or any other important business the announcement, always draft a brief press release and send it to websites, bloggers, TV and radio stations or local newspapers. You might not always earn a coverage with these channels, but it’s always worth a try.

7. Webinars, Live Chats and Hangouts

Webinars live chats, and hangouts are not new tools in digital marketing. All of them have been around for quite some time now. But, marketers who don’t recognize them might be doing themselves a very huge disservice. Webinars form truly unique content. Something that has become popular among social media marketers.

A research was done by has shown that social media marketers rate webinars in their top five most effective tools they use. It is one of the highly effective tools to reach out to potential customers.

Also, conducting Twitter chats, Facebook Live chats or creating Google Hangout on topics addressing the needs of your customers have proven to be very effective ways to attract potential buyers.

8. Give Customers Incentives for Making More Frequent Purchases

Whether you are in service- or product-based industry, you have the ability to increase revenue by encouraging customers to make purchases more frequently.

For service industries, this may mean promoting add-on services, upgrades or premium offerings. For product industries, this includes encouraging customers to come back more often. How can you do this with social media?

You can offer deals and specials that are exclusive to your social media followers based on the level of customer or the frequency of purchase.

9. Educate Your Customers about Your Other Products and Services

Another important element of increasing sales is to make sure customers are aware of the other types of services or products your company offers. You can do this by featuring a product or service profile of the week, which provides you with the opportunity to highlight premium services and explain what they are and why customers should care.

Don’t be boring; combine the types of content you use to educate the customer with blog posts, photos, webinars, and videos.

10. Provide Consistent Value

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to keep an audience engaged if you’re constantly running just promotion on your social channels but your products don’t live up to the expectations of the customers. Your customers will soon start rejecting your products. Therefore, it’s important to provide good value to customers all the time.

If your customers find value in the content you produce for your social channels, they are far more likely to keep coming back for more.

An important question one needs to consider is which internet tools one can use to carry out the above strategies to reach potential customers? Websites, Emailers, WhatsApp, Facebook ad, google ad, SEO, blogs, etc some of the tools one can use to reach the potential customers.

As you consider how to grow your customer base through the social channel, it’s important that you create a win-win situation for them. If you are only there to serve your own needs, customers will recognize your attitude early. Instead, find a way to combine your desire to increase revenues with the thing that motivates your customers the most.

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Amazing Ways to Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

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