Goal Setting For Students

goal setting

The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.-Gene Donohue


Most college students have reached the age of adulthood, but the transition isn’t always simple. Going from the structured environment of school and living with your parents to the freedom of being in college can be daunting for many students.

The key to success in college is to set realistic goals & proper time management. Setting goals & proper time management keeps them on track & prevents the stress created by not having a clear direction.


There is one way in which all students are equal. Everyone has exactly 24 hours a day. Some students pack more into 24 hours than others. Some get straight A’s & yet have plenty of free time. While others may be toiling the whole day and yet fail to get good grades. Successful students are not necessarily brilliant. They simply have mastered the twin arts of time management and goal-setting. This workshop teaches students art of clear goal setting effortlessly.


1. What is the importance of goals?
2. Difference between goal & dream.
3. Smart goal setting.
4. Personal goal setting.
5. Why we don’t set goals.
6. 8 goal setting mistakes.


All students from class 10th onwards including college students


1. Lecture by the facilitator.
2. Powerpoint presentations
3. Audio/Video Clips
4. Interaction & discussion with participants

Pinky Shah

Goal Setting For Students

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