Workshop on Business Communication

Business Communication Skills


A senior recruiter at Citigroup says “If I have two candidates in front of me, equally qualified except that one can write & speak better, I’ll hire the one who can write & speak better – every time.”

All professionals have to attend meetings, write letters & send emails as part of their work. Hence; ability to write & also speak good English is extremely important for all professionals.

Proper structure of the letter & email is important. Using proper words & language is even more important because as Ashley Montague says-meaning of a word is the action it produces.


Keeping the importance of powerful communication skills, ‘The English Academy’ has created a capsule workshop on ‘Powerful Business Communication Skills.’ The focus of this workshop is to train participants about how to improve the effectiveness of their emails, letters & communication in general so that their communication is acted on quickly and it produces the desired result.


1. 12 most powerful words in English
2. How to be polite & yet effective in business communication
3. Is it Dear Miss Asha or Dear Asha (Greetings & closings in E-mails)
4. How to write powerful E-mails


All working professionals who want to improve their image with their peers, seniors & clients & also want to become socially more acceptable.


1. Lecture by the facilitator.
2. Powerpoint presentations
3. Audio/Video Clips
4. Interaction with participants

Praful Vania

Workshop on Business Communication

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