Employability Skills to succeed in 21st Century

Changing Mindset


Many professionals complain that though they work very hard they don’t get the success they deserve. Also; the aim of every student after completing education is to secure a good job. They also want to make good & steady progress in life. But; many are neither able to secure a good job not able to achieve the success they aspired for Soft Interpersonal Skills.

The reason for this bitter truth is that in the 21st century when the whole world is just a click away, we need different kinds of skills to succeed. Soft skills and being IT savvy play a very important role in our personal and professional success.


The basic aim of the workshop is to appraise participants about the importance of good English, Communication and Soft Interpersonal Skill for success. The workshop also aims to appraise the working professional’s skills they will need in the 21st century to succeed and how jobs in the future will not be as we know them now.


1. The most important skills which employers look for in employees.
2. Importance of good English and communication skills for success.
3. How Jobs in the 21st Century is different from jobs as we have known till now.
4. Skills we need for jobs in the 21st Century,
5. A new perspective to achieve success


All working professionals who want to improve their image with their peers, seniors & clients & also want to become socially more acceptable.


1. Lecture by the facilitator.
2. Powerpoint presentations
3. Audio/Video Clips
4. Interaction with participants

Smith Parekar

Employability Skills to succeed in 21st Century

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