How to Create Good Impression all the Time

Good Impression


The first impression is the last impression. We have all been told of the importance of this vital fact. However, many of us are unaware of another equally important statement: the LAST IMPRESSION IS LASTING IMPRESSION. Simply stated it means that just creating a good first impression is not good enough. These days one has to create a good impression all the time. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED ALL THE TIME and you have to act accordingly is the latest fact of life.


The first aim of this workshop is to demonstrate to the participants why the first impression is important. This workshop also aims to guide the participants about which factors are responsible for creating our first impression and which factors create our last or lasting impression.


There are three learning points in this workshop; namely:
 What is the importance of good impression in personal and professional life,
 How to create a good first impression, and
 How to create good last (lasting) impression.


All students from class 10th onwards including college students and working professionals. Even working professionals will find this workshop useful.


1. Lecture by the facilitator.
2. Powerpoint presentations
3. Audio/Video Clips
4. Interaction & discussion with participants

Nukul sheth

How to Create Good Impression all the Time

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