Success by Changing Mindset

Changing Mindset

Skills You Need to Succeed


One may be a blue-collar shop floor professional or a white collar high-level officer. Everyone irrespective of his/her position or designation wants to be successful in life. Everyone wants good increments and promotions.

But; many professionals complain that though they work very hard they do not get the success they deserve. They don’t get the increments or promotions they think they deserve.

The reason for this disturbing phenomenon is that we are not aware of what qualities and skills are needed to succeed. In fact, more than qualities, success needs a different kind of mindset


This workshop aims to appraise the working professionals or those who are about to enter the job market what type of thinking or mindset is needed to succeed.

The workshop also presents to the working professionals the qualities & skills employers look for when deciding on promotions & increments.


Anybody irrespective of educational qualification, position or designation who wants to succeed in life should attend this workshop.

What will you learn:

1. Seven Steps to Success,
2. 15 Habits of valuable employees,
3. A new perspective (thinking),
4. Four Universal Laws of Success,
5. Example of a person who rose from a shop floor worker of a plant to Manager of the same plant.


1. Lecture by the facilitator.
2. Powerpoint presentations
3. Audio/Video Clips
4. Interaction & discussion with participants

Ronak Raghani

Success by Changing Mindset

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