Different Aspects And Benefits of Web Development Training Courses


Since the last few years, the number of internet users has increased rapidly. Hence, business owners visit different online platforms and try to reach their target audience. But, it will be better if you can drive the audience to your business. Hence, you should ensure the online presence of your business. For that reason, you need to create your business website. There are many website development companies where you can approach to avail their web services. If you want to create your own website or want to make a career in web development, then you must enroll in the most appropriate web development training courses. If you are staying in Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad, you can keep your trust in Skills Nurture. 

Skills Nurture has been established to provide industry-oriented training to the budding professionals and fresher candidates. Here, you can enroll in the training courses to gain expertise in the subjects and modules of Digital Marketing, a few Programming Languages, and Communication Skills. 

Currently, we have more than 300 registered students and they are being guided by highly talented and expert faculties. We have more than 50 professional instructors and we include 87 new courses every year.   

Website Development and it’s few details 

There are various programming languages and a website can be created using any one of them. Some of the popular programming languages to develop a website are PHP, ASP.NET and Advanced Java. Apart from creating websites and pages, website developers have to take various other responsibilities like upgrading a website, removing bugs, updating the security systems, uploading complex documents and a lot more. 

If you want to grow your career in Web Development, at first, you have to choose a programming language in which you want to gain expertise. Then choose a renowned training center which offers web development training courses to teach your preferred Programming Language. 

At Skills Nurture, we teach multiple courses on PHP and its associated tools, languages, scripts and various other systems. In the next section, we will discuss these courses. 

Web Development Courses offered by Skills Nurture 

Currently, at Skills Nurture, we offer 6 different courses on PHP and its associated systems. They are listed below. 

Build Basic E-commerce with PHP 

It is a course of 6 weeks. Here, you will learn to create E-commerce websites using PHP. Also, you will learn to integrate payment systems. You can create the systems to manage online orders and track any shipment. 

Basic Chat Application with socket and PHP 

It is a course of 8 weeks. Here, you will learn how to integrate a chat application with a PHP website. You will experience a real-time transmission of text messages. 

Build Login, Registration and Email System using PHP 

It is a course of 8 weeks. Here, you will learn to create Registration Forms in PHP websites. Also, you can create a secured Login system and Email System. From a PHP website, you can send Emails to potential clients. 

Shipping Integration with Project 

It is a course of 3 weeks. Here, you will learn how to integrate a shipping method with PHP forms and applications. We will give you an opportunity to take part in live projects. 

Payment Integration with Project 

It is a course of 3 weeks. Here, you will learn to create and integrate a payment system with your PHP website. You will also learn to link such a system with a payment gateway. We will provide you opportunities to take part in the live projects. 

Build Basic CMS with PHP 

It is a course of 8 weeks. Here, you learn to properly utilize CMS or Content Management System software. You will learn to integrate an appropriate CMS with a PHP website. You can also check how this initiative can drive the audience.

Apart from these above-mentioned courses,  we offer some other courses so that as a Web Developer you can manage tip-to-toe of a website. You will find the courses like Jquery, Javascript Basic, Javascript Advanced, HTML and HTML5, CSS, Advanced CSS, Ajax Development and a few more. 

If you want to develop websites using Laravel, you can get enrolled in such web development training courses which teaches Customized Laravel and Laravel Advanced. Laravel is such a programming language which reuses the tools and components of other frameworks to develop a web application. Using ORM, a Laravel-based website can communicate effectively with the database. 

Thus, at last, we can proudly announce that Skills Nurture’s web development training courses will set your career goals and you can achieve them by attending our training sessions.

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