Digital marketing for startups and entreprenure- course module

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We are starting a Digital marketing course for startups and entrepreneurs,  business owners to make them learn how to do marketing in 2019 so that they can build their customer base at low cost.

We will cover  the following things in this course

  • Business in 1990,2000 vs 2020
  • Current business marketing issues
  • Traditional ¬†Marketing VS Digital Marketing
  • How digital marketing can help
  • The benefit of digital marketing
  • How to start Digital Marketing
    1. Marketing plan
    2. Digital marketing plan
      1. Website
      2. Blog
      3. Social media channels
      4. Content strategy
      5. Lead Generation
      6. SEO
      7. Paid Campaigns
      8. Email Marketing
      9. Influencer marketing
      10. Whatsapp/SMS marketing
      11. Reports and ROI calculation

Digital marketing for startups and entrepreneur

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